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Apostille Service near Kozhikode

Document Apostille and Attestation is a requirement that necessity be careful when you are procuring a visa or starting a Work abroad. Similarly, attestation apostille is necessary when you are visiting a country that comprises the Hague Convention. And at times, Document translation services are found an responsibility when the apostille certificate or documents attestation require translation into the respective countrywide language or a common language like English or Malayalam to English translation. Attestation services will provide services to purpose you certificate attestation in a reasonably convenient manner. Likewise, Attestation services will render apostille certificate and apostille documents for your trip to an apostille convention nation.

PCC offers its customers with attestation services, Attestation and Apostille services, and certified translation services as well. Our utilities are precise and are customer oriented. We have language translation services for over 20+ languages from regional to foreign dialects. PCC serves apostille, attestation services for all levels of Document attestation; we have it all covered for you. PCC arranges the client’s opportuneness above all and is known for rendering exceptional attestation services.

Steps For Certificate Attestation Services In Kerala

The following steps outline our Kerala certificate attestation services briefly:

  • We Collect Document From your Doorstep.
  • Once we get the documents, we will complete the state attestation or SDM attestation procedure depending on the document type like birth, marriage, education Documents.
  • After state attestation, we will send the documents for MEA attestation from our Professional Staff.
  • For embassy attestation, the documents are submitted to the concerned country’s Consulate or embassy
  • We will also assist you in carrying out the Mofa attestation services through our offices located in different countries

We provide services for attestation for all types of documents mentioned below:

Educational Certificate Apostille

Degree Certificate

Nursing Certificate

PG Degree Certificate

MS Certificate

Dentists Certificate

SSC Certificate

Diploma Certificate

MD Certificate

Nursing Certificate

Transcript Certificate

BE Certificate

HSC Certificate


Engineering Certificate

Inter Certificate

Pharmacy Certificate

MBBS Certificate


Non-Educational Certificate Apostille

Birth Certificate

Leaving Certificate

Police Clearance Certificate

Medical Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Bona-fide Certificate

Single Status Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Registration Certificate

Power of Attorney


Commercial Document Apostille

Physical Analysis Report

Certificate of Incorporation

Export Invoice

Chemical Analysis Report

Power of Attorney

Packaging List

Certificate of Origin


Board Resolution

Article of Association

Memorandum of Association

Shareholder Certificate

GMP Certificate

Health Certificate

Manufacturing License

Food and Drug Licence


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Language translation is just the way to converting the content from one language

to further with appropriate grammar and situation. It is absolutely necessary to pass on

the proper message and goal of the Document translation to the readers and clients.

Language change mandates technique and persistence and an intense comprehension

of the area in which the Document translation is being performed.

·        English Translation Service

·        Chinese Translation Service

·        Spanish Translation Service

·        French Translation Service

·        Japanese Translation Service

·        German Translation Service

·        Italian Translation Service

·        Russian Translation Service

About  PCC

Were you seeking for attestation services in Kerala? Well, you have found the right site. PCC renders attestation

 and apostille services for personal, educational and commercial documents. Be it birth certificate, degree

 certificate, PCC, marriage certificate we do services them all. Also, apostille services for birth certificate,

marriage certificate are offered by us as well. We here at PCC will provide you with authentic and fast certificate

 and apostille attestation that you would prefer us again another time. PCC is favoured by many when it comes to

 attestation and apostille services in Kerala. It sure is one of the fast apostille services. PCC is a certificate

 attestation agency that gives courier options too to help your convenience.