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Certificate Attestation service


Certificate Attestation service

1) What is Attestation and why it is done?

 is the process of checking the authenticity of original documents/ certificates by attaching the signature of the verifying department.  It is a general process that is required for every person who wants to visit another country, whichever country you belong to (India, USA, Sri Lanka). the country that participates under the embassy attestation services Hague Convention, nearly 118 nations that require Apostille convention.

2) What is the Hague Convention?
Hague Abduction Convention is a multilateral treaty. As verification of a document is very time taking process, hence to make easy and hassle-free several nations and countries joined  embassy attestation serviceshand and formed a Convention in 1961 called Hague Convention. The countries that fall under this convention do not need Certificate Attestation service particular embassy attestation of the country where you are planning to visit. There are 118 countries that are under Hague. 

3)What is the general process involved in Attesting a document from India?

The general process involved in legalizing or attesting the document is the submission of Xerox of the passport with the original documents as per the requirement of the country where you wish to travel, required documents may differ from country to country.

  1. Notary
  2. Home Department (Home department of states)
  3. Ministry of External Affairs.

The process will vary depending on the various countries as per their rules and the norms of the country. For example, UAE attestation has two more additional step authentication at the UAE Embassy in India(country you belong) and after this, it further undergoes Authentication by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE (MOFA)

5) What if my certificate is laminated?

How these documents are verified. Attestation, the process of verification of the document is must, However, If your documents are laminated, we are required to remove the lamination of the document as the verification seal or stamp will be put on the document and certificates not valid over lamination. In some cases, there are some countries that want the attestation stamp at the backside of the documents or certificate hence, the removal of lamination is needed during legalization of documents


Attestation is the process of authenticating the document to the required level so that another country or organization can accept that as genuine

This means that the state government home department from the state where the document was issued from should be attesting the documents. For passport endorsement, renewal or any other Indian embassy/consulate works this attestation from the concerned home dept. is a compulsory requirement.

Any certificates issued by a recognized University / educational institution which come under the Ministry of Education is a Govt. recognized certificate. 

Any certificate issued by any institution registered with the State or Central Govt’s which might not come under the Ministry of Education, is a registered certificate.

 No, only original documents are accepted by the Govt. of India for attestation.

No, this cannot be done as these are not registered with Ministry of Education.

No, HRD pertains to Human Resources Department which has the authority to attest only educational certificates, where as the Home department only has the authority to attest non educational certificates.