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 Apostille Services in Kolkata

Apostille is an authentication procedure for documents that are of Indian origin or other foreign origins and seek recognition by the countries who have signed the Hague Apostille Convention, 1961. The apostille of a certificate in Kolkata is essential if you plan to use the document for business, education, or employment in another country. The State Government Department and Ministry of External Affairs Government (MEA) are responsible for the apostille of documents. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Government of India.The MEA verifies and apostille a certificate issued by an Indian government.

Attestation Services In Kolkata

Apostille Services has extensive experience in processing Indian-originated certificates, including educational, commercial, personal and business certificates, for MEA Attestation and State Authentication. Certificate attestation is an essential government procedure for any Indian-produced public document that seeks international recognition. We provide a variety of services including MEA Attestation, Notary Attestation, Embassy Attestation, Kolkata Home and HRD Apostille and attestation Services in Mumbai. , Home Department Authentication, and Chamber of Commerce Authentication. We understand all requirements and procedures

Document Attestation in Kolkata

Attestation procedures to education documents in Kolkata

  • Process of Educational Document Attestation in Kolkata

    1. Pre-authentication with the respective state's HRD
    2. Apostille provided by the MEA
  • Personal Document Attestation in Kolkata

    1. Pre-authentication through the state HRD
    2. Apostille provided by the MEA
  • Commercial Documents Management

    1. Attestation Chamber of Commerce certification
    2. Apostille provided by the MEA

Document Required for Apostille Attestation in Kolkata

documents required for apostille services in Kolkata

Major Documents

  • Birth Certificate
  • PCC Certificate
  • Degree Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate

Supporting Documents Required

  • Photocopy of the Passport
  • Photocopy of the License.

Procedure of Birth/ Marriage / Degree certificate etc in Kolkata  

  • Attestation of Notary Public: Attestation, also known as notarization, is the process by which a notary public certifies the legitimacy of a document or signature..
  • SDM/State attestation: The procedure of state attestation is the authentication of a document, transaction, or statement by a government department or agency.
  • MEA: In many nations, including India, MEA refers to the government department in charge of international affairs and foreign relations.
  • Attestation of the Embassy: Attestation is the process of authenticating official papers for use in a foreign country.

What is the timeframe to get Apostille Services in Kolkata?

You may need legalization on a wide range of documents. The time it takes to legalize a document depends on many factors, such as the country, type of document, and the company you are obtaining it from. It usually takes a few weeks. The total time will be affected by all the factors mentioned above.

How much is the fee for Apostille in Kolkata?

The attestation process is not required if a document has already been completed in this way. Follow the above steps to use your document in a foreign land. You can also get apostille attestation in Kolkata using any of the methods mentioned.

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