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GKS stands for Global Korean Scholarship; these awards are given on merit basis to students outside South Korea who don't belong. GKS (Global Korea Scholarship) aims to offer scholarships for international students from outside Korea who wish to pursue higher education in South Korea, in order to strengthen international relationships, cultural exchange and provide quality education.

Global Korea Scholarship - Apply for this Scholarship

  • Students who apply need not be Korean nationals.
  • Parents of students must not be Korean nationals.
  • Graduate students should not be older than 25 years old.
  • Students who are applying to postgraduate programs must be under 40 years old.
  • All previous formal education should be completed by students.
  • Students must have a minimum GPA of 80% in their previous education.

Why Should You Apply for GKS?

Apply for the Global Korea Scholarship program if you're planning to study abroad for many reasons. Firstly, this scholarship program offers full scholarships that cover tuition fees, living expenses and other benefits so international students can pursue undergraduate or graduate studies in South Korea without incurring further debt.

Another key advantage is that this program gives students an incredible opportunity to study in a country with such a rich culture and economy as South Korea. Furthermore, language training as well as cultural immersion activities help students adapt quickly to academic life in South Korea.

One of the hallmarks of the gks apostille services (GKS) program is providing access to top-quality education and research facilities across fields like engineering, science, humanities and social sciences. The GKS program also gives international students an incredible opportunity to experience new cultures while receiving financial support for their studies.

How to Apply for a GKS Scholarship?

You can apply in two different ways.

  • Through Embassy
  • By University

You can apply to three colleges for a scholarship if you use the Embassy. These colleges offer the courses you're interested in.

  • Korean University Application is the place where students can apply to universities.
  • Apply to the universities of Korea after you have read through this page.
  • You can apply online for a scholarship after you have applied for university using the link Korean Scholarship.

Documents Needed for Global Korea Scholarship Applications

Before sending any documents to GKS Scholarship, they must first be authenticated using an Apostille Certificate. Should there be any inquiries concerning its apostille process, feel free to reach out - for help, contact GKS Scholarship at [GK Scholarship Information Office].

The list of documents required for GKS Post Graduation Scholarship is below.

  1. Undergraduate Degree
  2. Undergraduate Transcript
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Government ID with Father's Nationality
  5. Mother's Nationality Government ID

Global Korea Scholarship Application Form Required

Download and fill out the application form below and submit it as a checklist.

To apply for scholarships, applicants must fill out an online application and submit all pertinent documentation such as academic transcripts, letters of recommendation and personal statements. Selection decisions typically consider factors like academic performance and language proficiency along with research or work experiences as primary selection criteria.

All documents mentioned above must be apostille.

Undergraduate degree programs usually impose eligibility requirements that state applicants have completed at least one year of undergraduate study in their native country or obtained a high school diploma or equivalent, in addition to meeting other conditions like age limits, language proficiency requirements and health regulations.

To apply for the GKS scholarship, applicants will need to submit an online application through the Korean government's official website. Typically this involves providing transcripts, language proficiency test scores, recommendation letters and any additional supporting documentation that might be requested during this application process.

Before applying, it's crucial that you thoroughly assess all eligibility criteria and application requirements to ensure you meet them all. Furthermore, starting to prepare application materials early can make this competitive application process less intimidating for you.