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Apostille is the legal process of attestation for personal and professional documents. South Korea is a country in East Asia. South Korea, as a member of the Hague Convention, recognises and accepts Apostille for entry into their country. An Apostille for South Korea legalizes documents so they may be used abroad, whether that's marriage certificates, birth certificates, degree certificates or anything else. 

What is the South Korea Apostille?

Document authentication is the procedure of obtaining the MEA sticker. This is part of the legalization process for the certificate required to prove your documents' authenticity and the reason you are visiting South Korea. In India, Apostille certificates are issued by the Ministry of External Affairs. This is the branch of the Indian Government that deals with foreign affairs. MEA is the central government authentication, which is part of the process. The MEA gives out an MEA sticker.

Why do you need an Apostille for South Korea?

When arrested then foreign countries receive notification that all details written on it are legitimate and true; higher authorities add their signature or stamp as additional authentication of these documents - in India's case the Ministry of External Affairs signs and stamps these legal proof documents before sending it out of country for use as legal proof - this process takes around four months from start to finish and typically can take eight weeks from start date until reception of document upon arresting it being arrested before being submitted into foreign country.

Why and When Are Apostille Stamps Necessary for South Korea?

An Apostille stamp is required when applying for work visa, student visa, residency visa or professional purposes in South Korea. It acts as proof that you/company are trustworthy when visiting or conducting business legally in this nation; also showing proof of accuracy within certificates approved in South Korea and that can be recognized here. An apostille report displays judgment about authenticity; with its help this method accredits documents/you/documents being accepted into the South Korean nation for education or business/work or stay purposes.

Documents Needed for the Apostille Process

Apostille stamps may only be printed on official certificates that meet all criteria; so the document should be presented clearly; all signs and stamps should be legible, without alien labels/markings that interfere with reading it properly.

Original documents that require Apostille include copies of civil ID documents such as Passport or Driving Licence copies for identification. When it comes to business documents, an approved covering letter addressing The Ministry of External Affairs should also be prepared.

The Apostille can be stamped on certificates that are original. The documents must be clearly in a better position. All signs and stamps should be clear and readable. It must also not have any labels or markings that are foreign.

  • Original documents are required and you will need an Apostille.
  • Copy of civil id such as Passport or Driving Licence etc.
  • Please send a letter of introduction to the Ministry of External Affairs for business documents.

Procedure for South Korea Apostille

  • Notary Certification:
    The first step is to find a notary. The notary is then shown all of the documents. The notary then verifies the details of the document and attests it with a signature and stamp.
  • State/SDM Attestation:
    The documents are also sent to the SDM or the state for attestation. They also carefully check all information written on the document. The information on the documents is checked and all necessary supporting documentation is requested. The documents are stamped when all details have been verified.
  • Ministry of External Affairs
    The final step in the attestation procedure is to review the documents. This is a crucial part of the process. MEA carefully examines the documents, paying attention to every detail. The sticker will only be placed on the document when the information in the certificate has been verified as 100% genuine. The stickers are used to help foreign countries check details online. They have a unique number on them.
  • Embassy Attestation
    All documents to be apostilled, along with the fees for the embassy are to go here. Fees vary from one country to another. All certificates and supporting documents are carefully checked. The Embassy will stamp the document with its signature and stamp the certificate when the details have been verified as true.

It is important to remember that the requirements and procedures of obtaining an Apostille vary from country to country. For the most up-to-date and accurate information on the apostille procedure for documents that are intended to be used in South Korea, it is important to visit the website or contact the competent authority of your country.