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Single status certificate attestation services can be taken advantage of by anyone intending to use their certificate abroad.Attestation refers to the practice of verifying legal documents belonging to individuals seeking to achieve goals in another country through such documents.

All documents issued within India require authentication by the Ministry of External Affairs, MEA of Government of India for submission to foreign diplomatic missions/embassy attestation.The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has outsourced document attestation services so as to process applications quickly and safely without creating unnecessary hassle.

MEA recently awarded Superb Enterprise Private Limited (SEPL), as India's best document attestation service provider. Their experienced team can guide individuals through every stage of document attestation processes with ease.

What Is A Single Status Certificate (SSSC)

A Single Status Certificate serves to document your marital status for authorities at your destination country, proving to them that you do not currently have an accompanying partner or spouse. This simple document serves to verify your singlehood before they grant any official documentation in relation to you and/or any potential family members that reside with them.An individual certificate can take many forms, from being known as a CENOMAR to bachelorhood certificate to no impediments certificate to celibacy certification and more.

Italy requires that single persons obtain a Nulla Osta certificate prior to marrying an Italian national citizen.A single status certificate is created according to the laws and judicial decisions in your respective nation.

Why do you Required the attestation of Single Status Certificate?

In India, it is not compulsory to showcase that one is single or unmarried. However, almost every country in the world wants that a person be unmarried in order to formalize a marriage in that specific country. This is to avoid polygamy and prohibited marriages from happening. To allow a person to wed someone abroad, a Single Status Certificate, also known as a CENOMAR (certificate of no marriage record) is required. In confident cases, the documents to show your bachelorhood is also called a celibacy certificate, or a certificate of no obstruction.

Single Status Certificate Attestation Need

Attestation Need of Single Status Certificate A single Status Certificate serves to validate that there are no spouses living within your country of citizenship or any other nation; and is essential if marrying into foreign society. It must be produced as evidence proving this fact before marrying anyone from that nation or any foreign one.

Attestation of your single status certificate must be approved by both the State Home Department, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and your destination embassy before you use your bachelorhood certificate. Without it being authenticated you cannot use it to gain entry.

Single Status Certificate Attestation Procedure

SEPL's expert and dedicated team completes the application process on behalf of the applicant. An authentic certificate with an attestation provides proof that it is genuine and can help prevent forgeries or falsification of documents


Step 1 - Notarization

Take the certificate to a notary public and get it notarized. This step involves the notary public verifying the authenticity of the document and your signature.

Step 2 - Home Department Attestation

The State Home Department verifies a single certificate of status and stamps it with an attestation.

Step 3 - MEA Attestation

The MEA will certify the authenticity of the document once the State Home Department has attested it.<

Step 4: Embassy Attestation

The final attestation is obtained from the embassy in the country of the applicant after the MEA and State attestation.

Note: The type of certificate attestation (general attestation or apostille) and destination country will determine the process.

What are the documents required for signal status certificate ?

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