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How look the HRD Attestation of educational document

Attestation and apostille has always been an important aspect of validating the authenticity of various documents and certificates like an personal docuement, educational document and commercial document. If you are planning to fly abroad for education, employment or  for permanent residence, there are a lot of formalities that you need to carry out before moving to the new country. Among all, one such important formality is HRD attestation of educational documents.

People have many questions about the attestation and apostille procedure. Here in this article, we will try to provide answers to all those questions that commonly come in your mind about HRD attestation of an educational document.

What is HRD?

Human Resource Department. this department i in you state wise in india.

What Is HRD Attestation?

HRD attestation (Human Resource Department)  means authentication of documents done at the state level by the HRD Ministry of state. It is a complete procedure of validation of the educational documents when travelling abroad for educational purposes. There are HRD departments available in each state in india, as the validation of the educational documents and certificates is done by the respective state. After the completion of HRD attestation, further attestation procedures as well are carried out.

Note: The requirement of document the HRD attestation will depend on the requirements of the Travel country.

Why & When HRD Is Required for Education Documents?

Verification of educational documents is a must if you are planning to go abroad for higher education or for employment and permanent residence. You can start your attestation procedure as soon as you get the confirmation that your documents are genuine. As attestation procedure is a quite lengthy process and various government bodies such as SDM, Notary, State Home Ministry, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) come in the role, seekers of document attestation often turn to professional attestation consultants for assistance.

HRD is mainly for educational certificates, as when you apply for any job or for admission to the University of the country you want to go to. 

Is HRD Compulsory?

YES,Well, HRD attestation for educational documents is mandatory in some particular cases. For, the educational documents must have a stamp only from HRD as state-level authentication when it concerns Qatar, Saudi and other Gulf countries. In the case of other countries, attestation from the Home Department or even the SDM is also accepted.

Is it possible to attest documents from any HRD department?

No, as HRD attestation has to be done by respective State HRD department i.e. State Mantralaya to which the candidate belongs. Later on, after state authentication from the state HRD department, the document is further processed for the verification to MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) which is the same for all states in the country.

Is it possible to get assistance from professional agencies in the attestation process?

Yes, there are several professional agencies that help applicants to accomplish the attestation process making it simple, easy and hassle-free. However one should be frugal while choosing an agency as the requirement of expertise and experience in attestation procedure is essential. Choosing a reliable and trust worthy can be quite complicated at times.

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