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What is HRD attestation?

This process is required for all indian certificates that are produced by the indian government and need to be produced in another country. It can be used for any reason. We are fast apostille services company in India and very careful to make sure that the process is done as efficiently as possible so our clients do not have any problems in any country with their certificates.

HRD Attestation Full Form

The fullform of HRD attestation Human resource development

HRD Attestation Fees 

Fees for attestation varies and depends on many factors. The cost will vary from one state to another and even town to town. The location of the certificate, the university that the certificate is based on, and other factors can affect the cost. Add-on services such as pick-up, delivery, or attestation on an urgent basis are also available. 

HRD attestation means

HRD attestation means Human resource development. HRD Attestation refers to the process of authenticating educational documents with the Human Resource Development (HRD) ministry of a country, usually for employment or further educational purposes in another country. Such authentication includes degree certificates, diplomas and transcripts which must be accepted in foreign countries for recognition purposes. HRD Attestation involves verifying the authenticity of educational documents from their institution before having them authenticated by HRD ministries in different countries. Once attested by these ministries, these documents become legally valid in their destination countries of use.

HRD Attestation of Degree Certificate

Once educational certificates are attested and carried out of the country, it is mandatory to authenticate them. The authorities attestation degree certificates with different educational certificates. It is necessary to provide proof of your educational credentials to the authorities in India.

Why do you need HRD Certificate Attestation?

The verification of educational certificates is required when moving abroad for employment or education purposes.

  • The purpose of travel to a country can also vary.

  • When migrating abroad for work or higher education, HRD attestation is required. To prove the validity of certificates, educational certificate attestation must be completed. The HRD attestation for foreign universities is essential.

Documents required for HRD Attestation

  1. Original Degree Certificate
  2. Copy of your offer Letter
  3. Copy of Mark Sheet
  4. Copy of Passport Sized Photgraphs

State Human Resource Department Attestation is a procedure whereby the State HRD verifies educational documents. The authentication procedure is also used to verify the legitimacy of the certificate. A document's attestation stamp is used to verify the legitimacy of the certificate. This certificate is also known as a HRD certificate.

What is the Procedure of HRD Attestation?

Before presenting documents to the Ministry for authentication, you must first obtain verification from the local authorities and university. Below are the steps:

  1. Certificate Verification

    Certificate Verification is the first step in the legalization of educational certificates. It is required before HRD authentication. This is the first certification level done by the university on the educational certificates involved.

  2. HRD Attestation

    Another step is to obtain the certificate either from the Human Resource Department or the Government. The department certifies educational documents only if the embassy requires it.

How much time does it usually take to receive HRD Attestation?

The length of time it takes depends on a few factors, such as the service provider, state from which you applied, types of documents that you want to obtain genuinely and so, the type of university verification required. It usually takes between 15 and 25 days, but it can take up to several weeks.

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