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China Embassy Attestation Services

China (known officially as the People's Republic of China) is home to over one billion people and ranks fourth largest by land area in terms of land area. Situated in East Asia, its history, culture, and rapid economic development make for an intriguing cultural landscape and economic powerhouse.

China Embassy Attestation in India refers to legalizing Indian documents for use in China. Attestation is necessary for various purposes including employment, education, business operations or residence in China - it ensures their authenticity as well as becoming mandatory requirements when traveling, working or studying there.

Certificate Attestation in China 

China certificate attestation in India refers to the process of authenticating Indian documents for use in China. This attestation is a mandatory requirement for various purposes such as employment, education, business, and residence in China. The procedure involves getting documents like educational certificates, marriage certificates, birth certificates, and commercial documents verified by the respective authorities in India.

Why Is China Attestation Necessary? 

The China Apostille in India is necessary for many purposes, including education, employment, business activities and residency in China. When individuals from India wish to study, work or settle there it is an obligatory requirement imposed by Chinese law that documents be attested so they are recognized legally within China - this makes getting documents attested essential for Indian nationals intending on engaging in various activities within this nation. At PCC Embassy Attestation Oman is also available. Therefore it should always be prioritized when making plans to engage in various activities within this nation.

Documents Needed for China Embassy Attestation

To use our administrative services for commercial, personal, and educational documents, PCC Pvt. Ltd. asks that the applicant supply the following documents:

Original Document Certificate

Authorization Letter (If Required)

Educational Certificate Attestation for China

Diploma Certificate

PhD Degree Certificate

Certificate of Education

Certificate of Postgraduate Education

Non-educational/Personal Certificate Attestation for China

Salary Certificate

Transfer Certificate

Divorce Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Birth Certificate

Commercial Certificate Attestation for China

Date of Origin

Power of Attorney

Memorandum of Association

Certificate of Incorporatione

Procedure for China Attestation

China certificate attestation is essential for people wishing to work, study, or do business in China since it certifies the authenticity of documents and ensures the smooth processing of numerous applications in China. Typically, there are several steps involved in the process:

China Embassy Attestation Services

  • Notary Attestation

Documents submitted in India need to be attested by a notary public in order to establish their authenticity and legitimacy.

  • HRD Attestation

After notary authentication, documents are presented for further review to either the Home Department in each state or HRD Ministry for final inspection and certification.

  • SDM Attestation

Once documents have been reviewed and certified by state officials such as those from the Home Department, they can be brought before a Sub Divisional Magistrate for processing.

  • MEA Attestation

After your paperwork has been certified by India's Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), the State Home Department must attest your documents before being used as travel documents.

  • China Embassy Attestation

Once documents have been attested by Indian authorities, they are sent for final attestation at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in India.

Why choose PCC Attestation services for China Embassy Attestation?

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