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Uae embassy means when a foreign government whose one department is working in some other country enhances the relationship between the two countries. The document can be from any category that is personal, educational, or commercial. This simple process of stamping is known as UAE Embassy Attestation.

PCC,stamping is not done by a single authority for the attestation of documents.

There are multiple authorities that do the attestation process. The attestation legalizes a document that can be used in any foreign country without any need for further verification. All the details that are mentioned in the certificate are regarded as true and correct. An attested document can be used in more than one country till its validity.

A Person Want To Get UAE Embassy Attestation

Birth certificate Attestation for UAE is needed in case an applicant wants to get a “Permanent Resident Visa”.

Marriage certificate attestation for UAE is required if an individual wants a family reunion and applies for a “Family Visa”.

Degree certificate attestation for UAE is demanded from all the applicants who have applied for an “Employment Visa”.

Police Clearance Certificate attestation for UAE is essential for the “Permanent Resident Visa”, “Employment Visa” and many other visas.

Educational Certificates Attestation Need for UAE

  • Work visa
  • Work permit
  • Study visa
  • Employment visa
  • Business visa

Personal Certificates Attestation Need for UAE

  • Resident visa
  • Family visa
  • Spouse visa
  • Marriage
  • Child admission

Commercial Documents Attestation Need For UAE

  • Export and import
  • Business
  • The removal of the LLC partnership
  • Open a bank account
  • Company registration

Certificate Attestation Procedure for UAE

The embassy attestation procedure for UAE depends on the type of documents. Here is a brief explanation of the UAE embassy attestation steps for all documents.

Step 1: HRD Attestation

The State Human Resource Development (HRD) department is responsible for educational document verification and attestation.

Step 2: MEA Attestation

After the State HRD attestation, the MEA confirms the documents are authentic for embassy attestation with MEA attestation.

Step 3: UAE Embassy Attestation

The final attestation of educational documents is the service provided by the UAE embassy.

Educational Certificate Attestation for UAE

The educational certificate attestation procedure for UAE includes three steps- Attestation from State HRD, MEA, and UAE embassy. And all these three steps are mandatory to complete. For which the candidate requires to utilize an authorized agency by MEA. Therefore, we (PCC) are here to help the applicant in this attestation procedure. The applicant has to submit their educational document to PCC, and then we forward the certificate to the State HRD department to check the authentication. The State HRD department shares the certificate with the MEA. MEA approves the attestation procedure by placing the MEA attestation. At last, when both State HRD and MEA confirmed the legitimacy of the educational certificate, the UAE embassy put the final Attestation on the certificate. Plus, PCC forward the applicant attested education certificate to them according to the method they prefer.

Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE

A degree certificate attestation is a validation of the legitimacy of the document initiated by the legalized government authority of the nation from the place the document is issued. MEA is the authorized body that verifies certificates issued in India. The Ministry of External Affairs has officially confirmed PCC to offer attestation support service to the candidate. The experts and experienced team of PCC handle the attestation services administrative functions, from collecting certificates from the candidate, forwarding them to the governmental authorities for the attestation process, and returning the authenticated document to the candidate.

Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE

With fast and reliable certificate attestation services by PCC, you can complete the marriage certificate attestation for UAE. Marriage certificate attestation is an important procedure for the candidate looking forward to shifting to UAE with their partner. Plus, the marriage certificate attestation is required to be initiated by the appropriate authorities in India and UAE. The procedure is important to ensure the marriage document is confirmed as authorized in UAE.

Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE

Are you looking forward to moving to UAE? A birth certificate attestation procedure is necessary for that. Any applicant who wishes to go to UAE for employment, education, and any other reason has to proceed with the birth certificate attestation process. The procedure includes many steps, like getting validation from the State Home Department, MEA, and the UAE embassy. Plus, the time duration for this procedure is completely based on the place you are living, the type of document you are using, etc.

Death Certificate Attestation for UAE

The candidate is free to utilize the amazing services and benefits provided by PCC, which is an authorized agency. But before that, the applicant should know why they must complete the death certificate attestation procedure. Attestation is a procedure that approves the legitimacy of a certificate, assuring that it is original and officially binding. Additionally, death certificate attestation is mandatory for an expired person's family to take any insurance policies or benefits.